Which race distances are there?

For the 5th edition we have added an "ultra" along side the short, fun distances.

50 km

For the first time, Bhojpur Trail Race as an ultra! 50 km will be a great test for many - only for the experienced!

8 km

8 km is still a long way in the hills of Bhojpur district. Try it, but train first!

4 km

For the beginner runners - a 4 km fun run around Sano Dumma

Come and run with us!

5th Bhojpur Trail Race

“It’s so much fun to run in my home district with my friends there. You are most welcome to come and run with us this year!”

– Mira Rai

Mira Rai
Mira Rai


Click to share our race poster on Facebook. The more people who know about the race, the more fun it will be. For the first time ever there is a 50 km race as well as shorter fun runs. 

Watch our video

The best way to know more about what Bhojpur is like, is to watch our race videos! 


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