Bhojpur Trail Race 2021 – 5th Edition

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The 5th Edition of Bhojpur Trail Race was held on 26th March, 2021 on Pauwadhunga -5, Sanodhunga organized by Mira Rai Foundation. The race had three different categories on the basis of distances i.e. 50K, 10K and 4K and two categories on according to gender i.e. Male and Female on each distance. The event was supported financially by the government of Province-1 and Pauwadungma rural municipality, along with the co-sponsorship of Kirat Rai Sewa Samaj, Sanodungma Bhojpur. The event was voluntarily supported by Rimachung Sporting Club, Siddhakali Hospital and Lakeside View Hotel, Dhapkharka.

The entry fee was Nrs. 500 for students and Rs 1,000 for others which included the food and accommodation. The event was well managed where all of the locals are to given credit for who helped in terms of management and hospitality.

In the category of 50K distance, the winner from the male category was Umesh Rai and from the female category was Nikki Nembang Limbu. They both were awarded the prize money of Nrs. 50,000 each. Likewise, the first runner-up for male was Durga Buda Magar and for female was Asma B.K. who were awarded the prize money of Nrs. 30,000 each. And the second runner-up from male and female were Suman Kulung Rai and Julin Rai respectively, who were awarded the prize money of Nrs 20,000 each.

The 10K distance running was limited to locals for participation in order to uplift the trail running enthusiasm in the younger generation of the community. The winners of this distance were awarded a prize money of Nrs. 10,000, Nrs. 5,000 for the first runner-up and Nrs. 3,000 for the second runner-up of each of the male and female categories. The winner male of 10K category was Diwash Limbu, followed up by Nabin Tamang and Basanta Rai respectively. And the winner female of 10K category was Chhenbi Maya Rai, followed up by Amrita Katwal and Kawabung Rai respectively.

The 4K distance running was more like fun run for younger people. Here’s the result of all of the categories.

4K Male

178Kushal Darnal00:13:11
2122Sunam Rai00:13:40
385Sunil Bhujel00:13:43
451Keshab Katuwal00:13:53

4K Female

1118Krishnaa Katuwal00:14:42
258Priyanka Rai00:15:26
357Samika Tamang00:15:21
450Nita Rai00:15:42

10K Male

188Diwash Limbu00:40:06
296Nabin Tamang00:40:11
398Basanta Rai00:47:08
4124Epsan Rai00:47:31

10K Female

1105Chhenbi Maya Rai00:51:46
282Amrita Katwal01:03:11
3109Kawabung Rai01:05:04
4117Rita Rai01:07:18

50K Ultra Male

167Umesh Rai06:30:47
23Durga Buda Magar06:50:32
34Suman Kulung Rai06:56:34
469Ramesh Limbu07:31:53

50K Ultra Female

12Nikki Nembang Limbu09:17:17
268Asma B.K.09:17:18
353Julin Rai09:33:22

Bhojpur Trail Race is grateful to all participants who came from all over the country, the race volunteers team, the media family, and other sponsors, and made BTR successful. Huge appreciation to the Nepal Ultra Trail League Team! See you next year in March, 2022.

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