About the race

As a part of Mira Rai Initiative’s commitment to promote trails and trail running in Nepal, we have been organizing Bhojpur Trail Race in the hometown of Mira Rai where she was born and raised. It is also in Bhojpur where Mira learnt how to race through the steep trails and ultimately become one of the prominent talents in the trail runners in the world. Bhojpur Trail Race is a charity race held in the eastern part of the Nepal and has been held annually since 2016. 

Located in the eastern part of Nepal, Bhojpur is one of the 14 districts within Province no. 1. Bhojpur’s terrain mostly comprise of hills and mountains making it perfect for trail and ultra-running.  Bhojpur municipality is the administrative center and Bhojpur bazaar is the main hub for business, education, market etc. Mira Rai’s village, Sanodumma used to be 18 km hiking from main Bhojpur bazaar but now there is a road construction going on the trails. Alternative trails are about 25 km or about 6-7 hours hiking from the main bazaar. 

Bhojpur Trail Race:

Bhojpur Trail Race is an exciting racing event organized in Sanodumma, Mira’s village, which is approximately 18 km away from the nearby market/Bazaar. The race is an opportunity for aspiring trail runners, especially within Mira’s village and Bhojpur area who are inspired by Mira to showcase their potential and get selected for training and scholarship opportunities at Mira Rai Initiative. 

In its fifth year, Bhojpur Trail Race has been widely supported by locals as well as government officials and security personnel. There will be three distances to cater to all levels of runners – Long Race: 50k and Short race: 10K and 3K (targeted for elderly and children).

The winners of the race have been selected for the Exchange and Empower (ENE) program in the past who then got the opportunity to train and participate in various national and international events and races and be a part of experiential learning process through the Exchange program in Honk Kong.

The 5th Edition!

It’s Mira Rai’s village in the Eastern region of Nepal. It’s remote, it’s raw, and it’s fabulous! This is the 5th edition of the race and it’s growing BIG.

Mira Rai Initiative is now pleased to announce the fifth edition of Bhojpur Trail Race, in east Nepal, scheduled for 26th March, 2022. This event will draw participants from the local Bhojpur area, nearby cities like Dharan and from the capital Kathmandu as well – Nepalese nationals, international participants/expats and local youth. Last year’s Bhojpur Trail Race saw more than 300 participants; we remain hopeful that this year’s race will be even bigger – we’re targeting more than 400 participants! We are excited to organize a race in Bhojpur, which is Mira Rai’s home village – a very remote settlement off the grid.

Mira Rai Initiative:

Founded in 2017, Mira Rai Initiative (MRI) is a registered non-government organization (NGO) committed to supporting trail-running and trail running community in Nepal. The organization was founded by the legendary ultra-trail runner Mira Rai whose story continues to inspire trail-runners all over the world. Ever since her debut in the trail running scene in 2014, Mira has broken world records, won numerous races and titles both nationally and internationally. She is one of the most celebrated athletes in the world who has won several accolades, awards, and recognition such as the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, 2017; Asia Game Changer Awards, 2018, to name a few. 

Mira Rai is now committed to use the platform and the voice she has to promote trails and trail running in Nepal while empowering the trail running community, especially female trail runners in Nepal via her initiative. Given the fact that trail-running as an adventure sport is still in its budding stage in Nepal, it is yet to garner more support and recognition from the sporting community and the people in general in Nepal. Because Nepal has some of the most exquisite natural and geographical features, it holds enormous possibilities and potential for trail-running which is yet to be realized to a fuller extent. 

Race Supported By

Mira Rai Foundation
Provincial Government Province No. 1
Pauwadungma Rural Municipality Bhojpur

Prize Money



1st Position: 50,000/-

2nd Position: 30,000/-

3rd Position: 20,000/-

4th Position: 10,000/-

5th Position: 5,000/-

1st Position: 10,000/-

2nd Position: 5,000/-

3rd  Position: 3,000/-

(Only for locals)