Here's the race programme

26th March, 2020 

  • 50km race for adults starting from Sanodumma to Bhojpur Bazaar and back to Sanodumma
  • 8 km and 3 km race for the children of the village! 

27th March, 2020

  • Clean-up campaign in Sanodumma.


  • Race participants will be accommodated into a homestay arrangement near the race venue.
  • Camping option will be available for runners who wish to camp near the race venue. You are however requested to bring your own sleeping bags.


  • Race participants will have their food covered for the entire duration of the race.

Breakfast, checkpoint hydration and food, recovery soup and snack, and dinner will be available for all the race participants for the race day.


  • Bhojpur is connected by direct flight service by Nepal airlines. The flights however depend on the weather conditions in Kathmandu and Bhojpur.
  • Other nearest airport is in Tumlingtar. Tumlingtar is 6 hours Jeep ride from Bhojpur. There could be multiple private flight services, but also affected by the weather conditions in Kathmandu and Tumlingtar.
  • If none of the flight services are available, we will have to take a bus or jeep service of about 32 -36 hours back to Kathmandu.
  • We will try to get the fastest possible option for you to get to the event, however, if there are no options and we are running out of time, we will choose the bus or jeep journey.